Innovation = identify opportunities, create new ideas and solutions, invest a lot of work and effort to adapt them to the needs and introduce them in the market.

We strive to make our innovations reach two goals:

  1. Not being "just different", but add new value.
  2. Let our customers have the perception of our innovations.
Example of Clever Pack's solution for child proof cap.
Clever Pack System

One piece cap and simple wall

Lighter cap

Lower power consumption

Facilitates recycling (just one raw material)

Lower fuel consumption for transportation
(less weight and volume)

Cheapest System

Good use by the elderly (less strength to open)

"Push down and Turn" and
"Squeeze and Turn" Systems

Cap made in two parts

Heavyer cap

Consumption of additional energy to assemble the two parts

Difficult to recycle (two different raw materials)

Increased fuel consumption for transportation
(increased weight and volume)

More expensive system

Bad use by the elderly (requires a lot of strength)