The Company

In 2007 a group of motivated and experienced multidisciplinary professionals(the winner team of World Star) of the plastic packaging industry met to rethink plastic packaging. Since then we are studying, rethinking, designing and making new packaging.

In early 2008 Clever Pack, a new company, was established. We first materialized our ideas into prototypes, next manufactured pilot casts and then injected the plastic parts.

In Clever Pack, we orient our work methodology from 5 R's

weigth, cubage, electricity (stages of manufacture and assembly) and others.


the package that has another function after used.


Facility the recycle of the package parts that are made fron same raw material.


the usability of the packages combining funcional innovation and design.


woring about the elderly people, the children and the world we'll leave for them.

Our goals are

Develop packaging truly sustainable, i.e., that meet the three pillars of a sustainable product:

Environmentally friendly.
Socially fair.
Economically viable.

Develop and rethink packaging that have better usability, taking in consideration these two points:

The profile and behavior of the modern consumer.
Packaging that suits the user.


Innovate to differentiate, create a better environment and broaden the profits margin.

We must put off vanity.

The simple the better.

Best results can be achieved with multifunctional teams.

Two heads are better than one.

We believe in the power of a smile.

For us a half glass of water is always half full, no half empty.


Exercise our creativity, practice flexibility and sharpen observation.

Creativity is to have at least 2 solutions for each challenge.
Flexibility is to hear and consider all ideas. No censored ideas.
Sharpen observation is to identify opportunities in the actions of everyday life.

Combine: human resources, market and technology.

Use Design as a powerful tool for innovation.

Show what we believe in a simple and objective form.

Be straight with customers, suppliers and partners.